30 Day Road Trip in Peru Part 7: How to Depart Peru Like a Rockstar

While we were definitely sad after departing Machu Picchu because it meant the end of our time in the Andes, and marked the beginning of the end of this amazing journey, there were still a few things left to look forward to..

I’ll be honest, the drive back to Lima was long and pretty much sucked the majority of the way.  Remember that Ari was the only one between the two of us who was capable of driving the rental car because it was manual.  That’s a lot of miles to drive along windy mountain roads for only one person.  it definitely made for some tension at times :0/

The highlight of the drive back was probably when we saw this vicuna, the smallest kind of cameloid species that is found in PeruP1020938

When we arrived in Lima we were more than ready for the treasure this city has to offer.  We had both lost a significant amount of weight by the end of the trip and were really looking forward to enjoying the world renowned cuisine found in Lima.  I had done some research for this part of the trip as well, which ended up really paying off.

Our last two meals in Peru were arranged at the best restaurants I found through my research in the Mira Flores district.  Punto Azul, an award winning seafood restaurant, and Las Tejas , which had overwhelmingly high ratings.  Both places were beyond amazing and Ari and I highly recommend both.  Ari is extremely critical of food and his dining experiences, and he still raves about the food in Lima.  You simply cannot visit Lima and not try ceviche.   The chef’s specials at Punto Azul were amazing and the caldo de camarones is not to be missed at Las Tejas.

I got emotional when we took off from the airport because I had fallen in love with Peru and didn’t want to leave.  We did have one more exciting thing planned, though.. we had intentionally scheduled a flight with a connection that had a 12 hour layover in Mexico City.  During our whirlwind visit to Mexico City, we took a cab to the Aztec ruins of Teotehuacan,P1020976 climbed to the top of both the Moon and Sun Pyramids,

P1020975then went to the museum to see an exhibit on the Aztec artifacts found at Teotehuacan.


In 24 hours we went from an ancient Inca empire to an Aztec one, and ate some of the best food we’ve had in our lives.P1030030

I can’t wait to return to Peru.  Like I said, this was a place I had dreamed of visiting my entire life and when it finally happened, it surpassed my highest expectations and dreams.  There are so many mysteries to behold in Peru and once you get yourself there, magic just seems to unfold along the journey.  To see a video album of our photos from the whole trip click here


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