DIY: Chuck Box for Camping :)

Ari gave me the best present ever for Christmas.  While I was away in Ojai working, he was busy making me a chuck box, or a camp kitchen box.ptrlbx1

He knows me well, because I wanted one of these for a while and just never mentioned it.  I even pinned a photo of one to my “Glamping in Style” board on Pinterest long before this past holiday season, and never happened to show it to him4a3afc4f65414c8e715f21dd0cad74f8.jpg

I did mention I wanted kitchenware that was only used for camping, so he bought all brand new plates, cups, bowls, and flatware in the ‘old school’ camp kitchen style in blue speckled enamel that fit perfectly inside of the beautifully handcrafted box.

Ari ‘free-styled’ the building of my chuckbox.  The plans above are just random ones I chose from google images, but there are plenty of different building plans to choose from if you search the internet.

As if making the box wasn’t enough, he actually resined clippings of images that are personally significant to me onto the fold-out counter top portion of the chuck box, like the hawk you can see in the photo 🙂 (Ari scored pretty high in the gift giving department this Xmas)photo copy 2

It couldn’t have been gifted at a better time, because we were leaving the next day to one of our favorite hot springs and destinations, Saline Valley in Death Valley California, for New Years.23449979

We also brought our new cast iron dutch oven to Death Valley that we had just purchased for ourselves as a Christmas gift.  photo copy 4When we bought it, we had no idea how this dutch oven would revolutionize camping for us, for we did not know how heavenly fresh baked biscuits with homespun honey tastes at sunrise in the desert 😉  photo copyWhat a great way to start the new year!



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