About Jakari


My name is Jaclyn.  I was born and raised in New York as sort of a ‘city girl’, but after moving to California almost 10 years ago, and meeting my outdoor enthusiast husband Ari, my life was forever transformed.  Here is our blog where you can keep track of our many adventures.  We will write about our journeys road-tripping, backpacking, wild food foraging, climbing, wildlife rescue, making cool stuff and whatever else we think you might find interesting 🙂

Ari  was born in France to parents who’s upbringing was rooted in real-life survivalism, in the mountain region of Ardeche. Cultivating their own wine, sustainable gardening, canning foods, hunting wild boar, foraging for wild mushrooms, and trout fishing were all a part of life for the Jamon family. His father’s successful career as a chef moved the family to California when Ari was 4 years old, then Hawaii when he was 9. There he developed a relationship with the ocean that would have an enormous impact on the rest of his life. The family settled back in Venice Beach, California when Ari was 11. He still resides there for half of the year, the other in Costa Rica, where his family now lives and runs the acclaimed restaurant and hotel, Villa Deevena (villadeevena.com) in Playa Negra.  A self proclaimed ‘waterman’, Ari is highly skilled in multiple outdoor pursuits and pretty much does everything to the extreme.  Check out his YouTube channel here:


Aside from adventuring with my partner, I work at the Ojai Raptor Center..


which is a 501c3 Non-Profit dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of orphaned, and injured wildlife, specializing in birds of prey, and to providing educational programs to teach about wildlife, our shared environment, and how to reduce the number of animals which require assistance.  You can read about my work with raptors in the Wildlife Rehab with Jackie category

I also work as an actress.  You can find a list of my work in TV and film here:


Ari and I both like to get crafty with our hands, and make all kinds of things independently as well as collaborate on pieces together. We’ll also post about our art made from old salvaged treasures found on our adventures, as well as camping & hiking gadgets, accessories, and gear.

You can find some of my artwork, jewelry and crafts that I sell here on my Etsy shop:


You can also follow me on Pinterest to see what cool things I find interesting & inspiring:




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